Sports LED video perimeter

Sports LED screens have completely engulfed traditional sports scoreboards thanks to a large number of advantages. The number of spectators attending sporting events has increased due to the fact as they can witness replays like a TV audience.

Let us consider some of the LED screens advantages for sports:

  • versatility: many different applications (bulletin board, replays, ads and of course commercials);
  • profitability: quick payback through advertising income;
  • excellent visibility: even small screens allow you to display numbers in large font;
  • installation and control simplicity: thanks to its light weight and control ease, the screens are fully customizable and adaptable;
  • moderate electricity consumption: this is achieved by high efficiency, performance and an automatic control system;
  • long lifespan: as we know, LEDs service life is 11 years.


Perimeter LED screens are specifically designed for sports facilities, arenas, stadiums, etc. They are produced using special materials protecting both athletes and the screen in case of contact, as well as elements to adjust the screen angle for optimum view for the audience and the cameras. Apart from field perimeter, they can be installed in spectator sectors on the railing forming a circle around the stadium. Perimeter LED screens are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. In case of outdoor use they include all the necessary protection to ensure operation even under extreme weather conditions

A LED cube in the center of the arena is the perfect way to turn any game into a media event. Quadrilateral direction of image display allows viewers from any location to see the key moments of the game in replay while great content management gives sports fans an unforgettable experience.

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