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Indoor LED screens should provide excellent image quality at a small distance, which is achieved by increasing resolution. Pixel pitch is responsible for this - the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution. In addition, the LED screen brightness is reduced in order not to blind people and color temperature can be adapted. All models are thin, light and have low noise characteristics.

Screen type is usually chosen based on requirements for image quality and application methods: permanent or temporary

Fixed installation

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Rental installation

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HD screens

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Indoor LED Display with fixed installation (ie after the initial installation they are not moved during their lifetime) is a display consisting of iron LED cabinets. This durable metal construction is quite heavy (40-55 kg / m²), is equipped with SMD LEDs and can be maintenanced both from the front and from the back.

Unlike rental screens LED cabinets do not have a bearing capacity, as a result, they are always mounted on a metal frame.

Внутренний светодиодный экран P10
  • Расстояние до зрителя: от 10 м
  • Шаг пикселя: 10 мм
  • Частота обновления: ≥ 1000 Гц
  • Яркость 6000 Кд/м2
  • Вес:
    46 кг/м2
  • Степень защиты: IP65/IP65
от 62 000 рублей/кв.м
бесплатный шеф-монтаж

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Indoor rental LED Displays (screens that are periodically installed for the event, and then dismantled) are becoming more popular for major events and live performances. With the LED industry development, solutions are becoming more numerous: for example, almost any image resolution can be achieved.

Rental LED screens are equipped with special wear-resistant locks, they have a lightweight aluminum body, small cabinet and are usually equipped with additional mobile case.

Why we guarantee the cost reduction?

You will receive led screen directly from the manufacturer at the price of 15% below the market price
We are the official dealer for 20 led screen factories in china
The projects get implemented within 45-80 days
Design takes 7 days, factory production - 10 days, delivery from 25 days, installation - 3 days
You will save your financial and production resources
We work with an architectural design bureau, so our solutions include modern technological achievements
On all phases you will receive the necessary support
We provide a full warrantee (5 years) and post-warantee maintenance. Furthermore, we provide a free spta set

LED HD Screens are characterized by high image quality - usually, their pixel pitch is 1 to 2.5 mm, which allows for Full HD image quality even with screen size of 1980 × 1080 mm. They produced using most modern and reliable components, they are silent (there is no cooler installed, cooling is provided by the cabinet geometry), have a high refresh rate (for high quality images during video recording) and high color uniformity and contrast provide a clearer picture.

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