Samara is one of the hosts for the World Cup in 2018, as known. To give the city a outstanding, unforgettable appearance in the eyes of foreigners, Samara's branding agency has developed an unusual concept with the use of LED technology.

The main agency's goal is to develop a unified and at the same time a unique style for upgrading the exterior of the houses. For this purpose it was decided not to resort to standard solutions, such as painting the facades or using tiles.

An emotional space that is alive will make the building more media and interactive with the help of LED screens - or rather, media facades made using the newest technologies. Their main advantage is that they do not only decorate the city brightly and vividly but also interact with the residents and guests responding to their movements at different times of the day.
"It's a city that is still able to surprise" - this is the main concept motto.

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