Especially for this pavilion dedicated to nuclear energy a futuristic concept called "reactor" has been developed. Its unique feature is that it is not just a beautiful sign, but an interactive environment for interaction with visitors.
Outside the "reactor" is equipped with LED screens main function of which is to attract viewers and their simultaneous training. The fundamentals of nuclear energy: atomic structure and its properties will be displayed on the facade. Inside the pavilion is designed as an atom nucleus with "rotating" around it exhibition areas – atom's electrons.
As the creators of the project pointed out, the "reactor" will combine advertising with educational components. It is also equipped with everything necessary for interactive exhibits. The space inside the pavilion – shaped as a sphere – gives visitors an access to educational information and high-tech interactive media facades represent energy release process after the nuclear reaction.
The roof of the pavilion is lined with special panels that produce electricity, which will provide night illumination of the LED-facade.
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