The main problem affecting the life of any lamp is its heat - over the time it affects the brightness and other qualities of the lighting device.

The new LED lamps concept is equipped with special aluminum heat-resistant housing. Thanks to the special materials and increased surface area, what allows the lamp to maintain a low temperature for longer and to transfer heat.

The idea was taken from heat pipes, modern technology, which is used in satellites construction. According to calculations, these LED lamps do not heat above 55 degrees Celsius, and their service life (at 12 hours of use per day) will be 37 years!

Jake Dyson, the developer, states that other developers offer only a half of the solution to the problem of LED lights heating, while the declared concept is the only one to guarantee a long trouble-free operation.

Dyson concept has already found commercial application: CSYS lamps appeared in the LED market, which among other things provides for touch dimming, 360 degrees rotation and is equipped with 8 LEDs.

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